Wholesale orders are welcome to all, no business information needed or additional account setup needed. 

Zero hassle when ordering, just select the items you want from our website and checking out as normal.  Just follow these simple steps and we will have your order made up and sent out.

  1. Minimum order for 1st time buyers is 100 items, returning customers will have set number reduced to 10 items but costs for lower than 100 items will differ due to postage costs.
  2. Wholesale pricing for "RETAIL" collections is 62.5% off listing value, discount will be added when 100 items added to cart.
  3. "WHOLESALE" collection pricing is per the listing, however 100 items need to be added to cart to check out.
  4. "RETAIL" collections can be mixed and matched items to make up the minimum total of 100 items.
  5. All prices include shipping and sent by DHL
  6. Want to discuss before purchase then contact us at sales@101box.shop